Tap Tap Monkey 

For better gaming experience play the game on your mobile phone.

Tap Tap Monkey is a skill based game where you climb up a vine tree as far as you can. Avoid hitting vine branches and don't be slow moving up because rising sea levels will catch up and drown you. 

Game was made as part of GDevelop Game Jam #2 in 8 days.  That included a learning of the game engine  as well as lots of trial and errors :)

All the assets are drawn in Pyxel.

Music/ Sound effects by www.fesliyanstudios.com & www.pixabay.com

If you enjoyed my game feel free to vote it up on the game jam!


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waiting for apk

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Congratulations! Your game was an honorable mention! You were amazing, I’m proud!

Thx :D

I missed the theme and that cost me a lot points. I ranked 2nd for fun and game design but 166 for theme.. 

BTW your game is ranked 39 out of 243 games and I think that's something too. 


Thank YOU! I learned a lot from this JAM! I was prepared for any result and I was happy people played my modest game! Every pixel of it was thought and made with a lot of love. I’ll make updates that will make it better, according to the feebacks.


Really nice game. Great job.


right now, i'm just waiting for the mobile build to be able to download it on my phone


tap tap tap splash

pretty much sums up the game


I Love it


amazing game very addictive

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it would be cool if you could left click to go left and right click to go right  but I'm not sure if you want that, just a idea:)

Also, what aspect ratio is it?

Very good idea! I had mobile devices in my mind which is why I did it the way I did it. You can play with the left and right arrow keys anyway. Is almost the same as with the left and right mouse buttons :D 


Wow, this is amazing! addictive and wonderful!!! GG <3


Very addicting and satisfying game :)


I couldn't agree more:)

This game is very well made and complete,congratulations!

Thank you! I was about to add more features but.. there was no time left :D


nice game good job.

Thank you my friend




very great and fun to play. but i think you could make a desktop version easily by adding arrow keys support

You can play it now with the left and right arrow keys. Thanks for the feedback. 

you're welcome 


i love it , great concept

Thanks :D