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Push singleRollOlliekickflipPush doublevictorystart rollingheelflipnosegrindidlegrindfall


  • Unique and appealing character design
  • Excellent 22 animations with love to detail
  • Imported character into Unity3D 
  • Animation exports as .png and .gif
  • Spine json export
  • 100% Vector
  • source files as AI, Spine, Unity

Animation list

  1. 5.0 grind  **new**
  2. 50-50 grind **name changed**
  3. no comply **new**
  4. fall back **new**
  5. fall front  **name changed**
  6. heel flip
  7. hit obstacle **new**
  8. idle A
  9. idle B **new**
  10. indy grab **new**
  11. kick flip
  12. land
  13. nosegrind
  14. noseslide **new**
  15. ollie
  16. push double
  17. push single
  18. roll A
  19. roll B **new**
  20. start rolling
  21. tail grab **new**
  22. victory

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    Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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    Deleted 201 days ago

    original concept. Good luck in your game jam

    Deleted 201 days ago

    wow looks cool, i buy spine so i check out your stuff ltr.

    Thank you. Also check out Skater Girl :)

    Yes it is awesome too... i am currently on my last phase after 3 years of code,gfx,shaders,music.. the last thing is animations so i dont yet have spine, spriter but doing some dragon bones stuff right now. anyway gonna buy all of em if they are good, but i need to check how much the game can handle, its a physics pixel hybrid engine so i do some animation in the code directly due to vram texture page swapping if use large animations. I know game maker studio 2 has spine support so need to test that first. anyway sprite gif png are still a way to go exporting from spine