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List of Vehicles

  1. Dodge Ram Rebel TRX [Sideview, Vector]
  2. Black & White Police Car [Top Down, Pixel]
  3. Cartoon Car [Sideview, Vector]
  4. Black Police Car [Top Down, Pixel]
  5. German Police Car[Top Down, Pixel]
  6. School Bus [Sideview, Vector]
  7. Ice Cream Van [Sideview, Vector, Cartoon]
  8. Mini [Sideview, Vector, Cartoon]
  9. Mustang GT [Sideview, Vector]
  10. S.W.A.T. Van [Sideview, Vector]
  11. Humvee [Sideview, Vector]
  12. Motor Bikes Set [Sideview, Vector]

This is an ongoing project that will receive updates over time.

The aim is to create vehicles for game developers to make great games like hill climb, gta 2 like top down games and more.

Write down in comments any vehicle requests you have.

The vehicles are free to use. You do not need to add credit. You do not need to ask permission. You can alter and change as you wish. 

Any donation is appreciated :)


I've followed today the tutorial in below link. It was a really great tutorial by Bao Nguyen about how to draw a school bus in illustrator. Some things I knew but many new techniques I learned. And you can download the school bus I created from that tutorial for free :)



Ice cream vaaaaaan!


Mini Car

A mini car is at the name says, a mini. Now I went a step further and made it even more mini like by changing it's proportions. 


Mustang GT

I drew this on request. Needed 2-3 hours. Enjoy!



Has been about 4 months since my last release.. was busy with making other assets and else.. Anyways I managed to draw this SWAT Van in some spare time. The backdoor is separated from the main van so you can animate  (just attach the backdoor to the van and actiave / deactivate) how the swat units jump out the van or something like that. 



Hey folks - here is an army humvee for you. The mg and tires are separated so you can rotate the mg, make it follow your mouse cursor and shoot for example. Whatever you want to do. The soldier in the image on the right side is not included !


Motorbikes Set

Yo guys... Today you get a set of 8 motorbikes with source file included. Build games like off road racing etc. 

Inluced bikes:

  1. commuter
  2. custom
  3. enduro
  4. naked
  5. off road
  6. super sport
  7. super touring
  8. touring

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Dodge Ram Rebel TRX.zip 196 kB
Black & White Police Car.zip 94 kB
Cartoon Car.zip 158 kB
Black Police Car.png 1 kB
German Police Car.png 1 kB
School Bus.zip 143 kB
Ice Cream Van.zip 295 kB
Mini Yellow.zip 291 kB
Mustang GT.zip 856 kB
S.W.A.T. Van.zip 462 kB
humvee.zip 287 kB
motor bikes.zip 5 MB

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Thank you so much

those arts are mind blowing 

super!! I love it, I will use it in my game

Great looking assets. Body and the wheels are separate making it perfect for physics based games and add joints. Thanks!

Hello.  Your work is really good. Do you do artwork for others? Im working on an app and need help. 

tysm dev, i can finish my animation school project :D

can i use it commercially


Hi, i want to use your assets in my game and I will share my game on platforms. Is this a problem?

No, feel free to use the assets in your game.

Thank you. I like your works, keep going like this.

(2 edits)

Hi, I want to use your assets for YouTube.  But if there has any problem or question , please tell me.

Nope. No problem. You are free to use. You can share a Youtube link here if you want ;D

Thanks & go ahead .

Hi, i'd like to look at including your assets in a project but I need to clarify a few things. Can you please provide me with an email address - my contact is jon.silvera@fuze.co.uk

Many thanks


drop me an email to 2dgamearts@gmail.com 


Hi, i did send an email - did you receive?

Jon @ FUZE


are you fuse III ?

great assets for game i am going to use Dodge Ram Rebel TRX  for my game.

are you planing to add more side view car model?

do you make paid assets for game i need side view car model  ?

(1 edit)

I am trying to create more cars in my spare time. 

I do make paid assets too. Just write me a mail to 2dgamearts@gmail.com and we can discuss in detail.

Thank you.