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The Barbarian Character Sprite Asset


  • He is drawn in Illustrator therefore 100% Vector.
  • Each body part is exported as a single sprite AND packed in a spritesheet using a similiar software like texture packer to reduce space and increase performance.
  • Fully rigged and animations exported as single sprites AND packed in a spritesheet
  • Both source files .ai and .scml (Illustrator and Spriter files) are included. So easy to edit and fit your needs
  • Everything is organized and named properly.
  • Quality tested on Construct 2 and Unity3D game engines.
  • Additionaly mobile app icon with this character included.


  • 30 body parts
  • 10 animations ( Attack, Die, Die Bloody, Hurt, Hurt Idle, Idle, Shield Block, Shield Equip, Slide, Walk)

You can contact me at any time. I give you full support. If you need help in general or for example you are missing one animation feel free to send me an email.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Barbaros Release 2.zip 38 MB


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Exactly what  I needed to prototype my Blacksmith Platformer RPG! Thanks so much. 


I just bought it , great asset! Any chance to have a jump animation update? 

There are 3 jump poses

  • jump start
  • jump mid air
  • jump fall

When combined together it makes a full jump animation. Do you need a full jump cycle animation instead of the jump poses?

I can use that, but i dont have these animations, barbaros release 2.zip have Attack , Die , Die Bloody , Hurt , Hurt Idle , Idle , Shield Block , Shield Equip , Slide and Walk animations.

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okey.. somehow the package was named equal to the updated one but it was actually the old file.  Anyways it's the correct file now (hopefully).

Please redownload it. Thanks.

Its just what i needed, thanks!! By the way, i just bought your male and female thief and the skeleton army assets, its wonderful!!! Can you reveal something about your next asset theme? If i may, can i suggest a theme? some kind of wizard would be awesome

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I'm very happy to hear you liked my assets. Also thanks for the support.

My next project will be a litte girl kid character with a lollipop and a teddy bear in her hand with different emotions such as angry, happy, sad etc and will be animated in NIMA most probably.

I've an endless list of items I want to accomplish but I progress slowly as I lack of time.

I'll think of the wizard not as next but as next next ;D

You can follow me on facebook if you like and get notified about my newest artwork and progress every now and then..