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Hi, I've bought this game set but the spritesheet of the ulti (turret animation) is impossibile to open. Can you send it again?

yes sure, can you write me an email to

Hi, I would buy these assets. I'm just wondering: will I find the animations of the Turrets? Can they walk?


oh yes the turret has a walk animation. It would be too much work to show all animations here so what I did was to show some samples for each character. But yes turret can walk and even jump and do this super beam thing and more :D

Any chance we can get a climbing animation that matches your ladder asset?  How much more?  Thanks

Hi there, I've been working on a 2d plat-former engine for about a month and now that I've got it mostly in place I've been trying to decide on art. I bought the assets pack you have and I'm about to purchase the character pack. Could you please let me know if you release anymore tile sets or characters. would love to base the graphics of this game around your art style :) thanks 

Hi david

first thank you for the support. Yes I have a lot of assets in mind for the future. Especially to complete the cyberpunk asset I also wanted to make a cyberpunk themed GUI set. However I barely find free time to work on these projects. So you would probably wait a long time before you get any new assets in this style published. Instead if you need some special characters or tilesets done for your game we can arrange a custom work for you which I can accomplish faster.  

For a custom job you have contact me at and we can discuss the details

Thank you again. Good luck with your game!